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Money in Motion: How the Sell Side Can Differentiate and Win Market Share

There is a sizable and growing pool of commissions up for grabs among U.S. equity brokers—potentially as much as $4.4 billion per year.

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money motion how sell side can differeniate

I'm of the belief that the regulatory changes with the biggest long term impact are those related to the cost of capital. Basel III, CRD IV and whatever the US regulators ultimately decide will prove to be both the carrot and the stick for OTC...

Over the last few weeks many have speculated that low volatility must mean that investors are complacent. As I was writing this post, in fact, an email came through about a new volatility study from ConvergEx showing that half of their study...

Sales trader relevance has been debated for more than a decade as buy-side driven execution algorithms and trading tools have made self-service trading ubiquitous. Despite the ability of institutional investors to trade via cheaper self-directed...

Those of us tracking the broader fixed income market have become quite familiar with the chart showing dealer inventories of corporate bonds falling through the floor, but this chart of bank US Treasury holdings totally blew me away.


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