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In this new report, we break down the steps needed to turn data analytics into a competitive advantage and the three things commercial bank management teams need to get right in order to succeed.

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Those of us tracking the broader fixed income market have become quite familiar with the chart showing dealer inventories of corporate bonds falling through the floor, but this chart of bank US Treasury holdings totally blew me away.

Over the past decade or so, the growth of OMS and EMS platforms has paralleled the growth of electronic trading – but it would be a stretch to suggest a direct cause-and-effect relationship. These days, though, given the growing importance of...

I'm a little obsessed with volatility lately - well, the lack of it actually. The VIX has been hovering around 12 for months despite emerging markets turmoil, rigging scandals and regulatory environment that can only be described as volatile. How...

Liquidity in the corporate bond market is tough. We've written about it time and time again. At a high level we see two solutions. One, inject new electronic trading tools and liquidity providers into the existing corporate bond market to better...

On Thursday May 1 the CFTC released an eagerly awaited clarifying document outlining when and how package trades would be required on SEF. Packaged transactions will be phased in by type from May 15th through November 15th, and to deal with the pre...

The biggest finding in our latest report (available to market structure and technology customers) on FX electronic trading was nothing. Our 1500+ interviews with global FX users showed continued growth in electronic trading (74% of users trade FX on...


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