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Money in Motion: How the Sell Side Can Differentiate and Win Market Share

There is a sizable and growing pool of commissions up for grabs among U.S. equity brokers—potentially as much as $4.4 billion per year.

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money motion how sell side can differeniate

A crisis is a crisis because most people didn't see it coming. Unexpected events freaks people out causing a bad chain of events - a crisis. So despite evidence that a liquidity crisis is on the horizon in the bond market, wide spread recognition...

Institutions in Asia are executing a steadily increasing proportion of business on a low-touch basis (algorithms, DMA, crossing, portfolio trades) as opposed to traditional high-touch business executed through a broker sales trader.

The European Commission, ESMA and the FCA appear to be including fixed income in new payment for research requirements in MiFID II and EMiR by not explicitly excluding fixed income research.


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