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FX Options in the Age of Uncleared Margin Rules

The final phase of uncleared margin rules (UMR) could trigger a shift in FX options trading from OTC to exchange-based trading.

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FX Options Age Uncleared Margin Rules

Institutions in Asia are executing a steadily increasing proportion of business on a low-touch basis (algorithms, DMA, crossing, portfolio trades) as opposed to traditional high-touch business executed through a broker sales trader.

The European Commission, ESMA and the FCA appear to be including fixed income in new payment for research requirements in MiFID II and EMiR by not explicitly excluding fixed income research.

The corporate bond market is starting to feel a lot like the swaps market did in 2010. There is no electronic trading mandate for corporate bonds of course, but a proliferation of new bond trading platforms and initiatives is upon us akin to the...

Last fall we published research that showed how trading in the interest rate swaps market has become even more concentrated with the top five dealers since Dodd-Frank, rather than more competitive as regulators had hoped. It should come as no...


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