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Active managers recognize the importance of benchmark data to their business, but they also think they can and should be deriving even more value from index providers’ vast databases and analytic expertise

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Capital is expensive and getting more expensive. But the problem is proving a much harder one to manage in Europe, with European banks continuing to deleverage and already complying with the principles of Basel III while US banks have their capital...

Tuesday February 18th is certainly a big deal. Requiring swaps to trade on registered platforms was one of the primary tenets of derivatives reform since shortly after the Lehman big bang theory bankruptcy, and finally the day has arrived. This is...

Its true. If you step back and think about it for a minute, the work carried out over the past four years to create an electronic swaps metia-logomarket almost from scratch is pretty amazing. PR Metia just released their FinTech Insight 2014 report...

The CFTC is great at sending emails out at inopportune times. In this case it was the 13 no-action letters sent between December 20th chicagoand December 31th while most of the financial world was trying to take a deep breath and enjoy some time off...

Who would have guessed that Black Friday would have turned out to be a big day for SEF trading. Both Javelin and Tradeweb resubmit their MAT filings, both scaling back the number of products made available for trading. This is a big deal for a few...


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