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Market Data Seeds the Cloud

While the market may not be quite ready to move every part of the trading cycle to the cloud, market data is becoming more and more mainstream.

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market data seeds

Market Data Seeds the Cloud

Greenwich Blog
September 22, 2020 By: Shane Swanson

Over time, the market has come to embrace cloud in more and more aspects of trading technology. Processing large sets of data and calculation of computationally intense formulas (or both) are common uses of cloud. 

Brash of the Titans

Greenwich Blog
June 24, 2020 By: Shane Swanson

In a somewhat unusual presentation on Monday, June 22, 2020, the SEC and the Anti-Trust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) presented a webinar on the topic of market structure.

Outsourced Trading in a Mad, Mad World

Greenwich Blog
June 9, 2020 By: Shane Swanson

The COVID crisis turned the trading world on its head. In the midst of unprecedented volume and volatility, the financial industry also undertook a revolutionary move to adapt to COVID by moving nearly the entire workforce to work from home. One...


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